Marla Bustillo
Maid of Honor
Hello Everyone!
I have the pleasure of being Kimberly’s little sister. Kimberly is my built in best friend. I have had Kimberly around for my whole life and I am truly so blessed to have her as my sister. She has been my rock and my inspiration for years and I am so glad to be part of her journey and her wonderful day.
Cheyenne Albright
Maid of Honor
One of my favorite memories with Kim is—

I met Kim Freshman year of college & we became fast friends. So much so, that every Tuesday & Thursday of Spring semester on our way to class we would pass by one another outside the café, & Kim would see me, SPRINT 30 feet and wrap me up in the biggest bear hug (as if we’d not seen each other two days prior). I looked forward to her joyful energy week after week ❤️ Pretty sure she’s responsible for any extroverted element to my personality (as well as a top contributor to my sub par dance moves
Jazlene Bustillo
I’m so excited to see my big sister get married to the love of her life, Sergio. I helped Kimberly pick her outfit for her first date with Sergio so now of course I’ll help her pick out the best dress and be right by her side for their first day as Mr. And Mrs. Fernandez.
Marian Fernandez
Even though I have a brother, I’m glad to be finally gaining a sister, especially someone special like Kim. ❤️
Estefani Illescas
Our friendship began in volleyball class. Kim was a senior and I was a sophomore in high school. Kim took me under her wing after that class. We ate lunch everyday and had a few sleepovers. It was a great year and then she left to college.After high school life took us on our separate ways, but God brought us back together unexpectedly and I could not be more thankful for that because now we're able to be part of each others big events and see each other grow. I’m so happy for Kim and Sergio and for them letting me be part of this important day. I cannot wait to see them grow as family with their beautiful daughter. God bless you and I love you
Janice Duran
I’ve known Kimberly since High school and we’ve recently become closer during our college years and over the past few years. We reconnected when my sister asked if she wanted to hang and the rest is history.

Kim is easy to talk to and one of my most genuine friends. She’s honest, loving, caring, supportive, gives her friends grace and on top of that a MOM?!? she really does it all and with some much love to give. I wish nothing but the best for Kim as she’s truly deserving of it all. I’m so excited to witness Kim’s achievements with her and be part of her big day. I love you!!
Luis Masson
Best Man
“You may be an idiot, but you taught me one of lives most valuable lessons: ‘Open your heart to it’”
Romario Coyoy
Best Man
One of my favorite memories was walking 18 miles a day and exploring the streets of Barcelona with Sergio.
Brian Viera
Our friendship is kinda like this photo. All I do is crack up. Sergio has always been there no matter what ready to make you laugh even during the most serious of times.
Javier Guzman
Who is Sergio? They just said there will be food here…
Sergio was is the brother that has the wildest dreams and has higher goals than anyone else, and I admired him for always striving to be better than he was yesterday! Love you brother
Fernando Águila
In the pursuit of success and fortune, friendship is often overlooked, a true friend's value is inestimable, with you my brother I know what it means to be wealthy.
Bruno Gutierrez
Everyone who knows sergio is well aware of his taste in quality. Especially quality in life, so if you are here, he saw you as among the finer aspects in his life and wants to keep them present along this journey. I’m honored to be present in your life and it is a bigger honor to be a groomsmen in this moment.
I guess I’ll let Lu take best man, but if his speech isn’t at the highest tier, I’ll have mine ready