Where we started

Due to my brain injury I didn’t remember Sergio. I assumed we were friends because of social media but one day we got to talking and he let me know that in middle school we were boyfriend and girlfriend! I was in shock and totally thought he was just messing with me because to this day my memory still isn’t so great but good old Facebook had messaged saved between us since we were 14 years old! Haha Once he told me that, it opened the door to talking to him again at least as friends but look at where we are now!

National Boba Day

I’d like to make it known that I made the first move haha on National Boba day in 2021 I asked Sergio to come and grab boba with me. We hadn’t seen or hung out with each other since middle school but something in my heart told me to reach out and just hang out with this man.

Best decision I have ever made. We had a blast and just connected immediately.

Diamond Lounge

Sergio and I are huge dancers as you will see at the wedding! So our plan was to go to the Salsa room for our first night out dancing together BUT they were only letting people with tables in and Sergio even said he would buy a table and they say they were sold out SOO the closest we could find was Diamond lounge. Not a place I’m use to going to BUT this is where we both knew we had found our person. The way we danced with each other and just enjoyed each others company was amazing. 

On the Beach

This has to be one of our favorite trips. We went away for a weekend to spend the time tented out right by the beach. Truly a wonderful get away that will forever be in our hearts.

Disney Trip

Our first flight together! We took on Disney world in 2021 with some great friends of ours (our groomsman Romario and his lovely girlfriend Elena). Fun fact, I had always dreamt to get proposed to in a air balloon so we got on the air balloon you see here andddddddd found out I am terrified of heights. I couldn’t open my eyes for a second and I held onto Sergio so hard im sure he couldn’t breathe haha.


When we started dating I told him about a goal I had which was to travel to Switzerland. When I woke up from my coma I for whatever reason wanted to go to Switzerland so bad. So I made it a goal to travel and visit there.

On the anniversary of my accident I decided I was going to go and I told Sergio about it and by Gods grace this man took it on with me! We explored this beautiful country and saw such beautiful scenery along with all its culture.

It was truly a dream come true and to have him be there was just the greatest. An amazing experience for the both of us.

and then there were 3

Both Sergio and I had the biggest dream to become parents however we found out we weren’t going to be able to have any kids due to medical problems. We were devastated but God had other plans. On March 17 2022 we found out we were expecting our little angel Isabelle.

Every single day of our lives we are forever grateful to our Lord for allowing us this incredible blessing.

I said YES

On July 17 Sergio asked me to be his wife at my most favorite spot in the world, gravel point park. There are so many beautiful memories there with my family and he topped it of by TELLING me I was his haha He knew he didn’t have to ask. This man is who I have prayed for my whole life and I am the woman who drives him crazy but he can’t live with out. We are so excited to express our love for one another with you there to witness and celebrate the start of our forever as Mr. And Mrs. Fernandez!

Our Isabelle

Our whole world. Our why. Our Flower Girl.